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Saurabh Tiwary | 25th April 2016

CTA21st century has immersed as the age of evolving technology, and for that reason, most of the business firms today are directly or indirectly associated with online marketing. Consequently, there used to be a tremendous demand by every organisation to be accessible on the internet for seamless product marketing and to enhance the global reach. Most of us who go around possessing an online trade put ass-load efforts to reach our customer either directly through our website or through outbound linking. So we would get to know about CTA.


In this article, I shall discuss particularly about a very specific marketing strategy  i.e. Call To Action(CTA) which is like enough to be rewarding in online marketing practices. Most of the people do often over complicate this term from several other perspectives but the name CTA is a specific one when we talk of any website or Digital Marketing.

Let us familiarize with few common yet important underlying concept of CTA.


What is Call To Action(CTA)?

Call to action is a very intuitive feature of a website that aids to initiating the business proposals and generating inbound leads with substantial higher probability. A bunch of user on the internet are likely enough to reach your website by means of indirect links or redirects from various sources viz. Search Engines, Adwords, etc. As there is always a  huge competition to stay on the top and enhance the reach to the audience, it is altogether a very challenging task for an online seller to hold the nerves of the clients  and engage them to their products. Even though a visitor comes across your website, it’s not quite certain that he would specifically  acquire your services as he would also like to knock the doors of several other vendors as well.


So, our primary objective should be to employ the end users by providing them with an instant communication tool as soon as they visit our website or navigate through it. And there comes “Call to Action” in the picture. This tool comes under a key marketing strategy by means of achieving smart designs.


Suppose you want to get familiar with an electronic device and its features. You would probably look through articles and blogs on the internet to know more about that particular device. During the course of navigation on the web in search of the product information, it is likely that you come across something very fascinating that you have been deliberately looking for. And now, you don’t wanna miss out this and immediately want to place the order. If you find an option on the same page, the chances of you ordering that product is more instead of routing towards an alternative buying link.

This adversely  affects the sale of any product and for that reason every online marketing service must include a CTA button on their website or social media pages based on their interest to enhance their trade.

Some of the guidelines for creating CTA button on your website are:-


  • Focus on Material Design and slight animation
  • Some of the best practices in CTA are creating buttons like, Sign Up, Call Now, Send an Inquiry, Buy Now etc.
  • If you are willing to include CTA button specifically for your website, keep an automated pop-up form seeking user information like Name, E-mail id etc.
  • It is important to create forms that look interactive and beautiful. Also, make use of interesting phrases so that it impels user to provide their personal information.


Since, CTA is a very crucial element of designing, we at Oodles Studio put up our expertise and thorough analysis while including CTA buttons in our designing task. We also deal in a number of web designing and mobile apps UI design to fulfill the polytropic needs of our clients.

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