Custom Graphic Design Services: The Major Challenges to Battle

Saurabh Tiwary | 24th February 2017

Graphic Design is such a branch that evolves rapidly with the passing of every day. It is more about breaking the rules in a legal way. This might also be the cause why a number of firms are going behind implementing an ‘out of the box’ design i.e. customized graphic designs for their organization.

Custom Graphic Design


When we talk from the perspective of designers, playing with the design elements might be fun for them, while a few might remain confused in implementing every minute components that they work on.

Moreover, even after researching through hundreds of articles over the web and studying design principles, they might be unsure whether an implementation would actually work or not.

In this article, I will be particularly focusing on the need of the Custom Graphic Design Services and the challenges that clients and designers encounter.


What is Custom Graphic Design?

The idea of customizing a design is all about setting up an identity in terms of every visual aspect that an organization might be a part of. By custom design, we mean to say that the clients might need a design that is purely unique and must satisfy their needs.

In a custom graphic design, an organization might ask UI and UX designers to come up with a unique solution to their design problems. For an example, the needs might vary from designing a website to a mobile application with some unique interface and the user experience.

Moreover, a custom graphic design might also include achieving brand/organization related goals such as logo and brand design, brand identity design, personal branding etc.

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The Major Challenges in Custom Graphic Design

The need of establishing a unique identity is what concerns clients the most. They often muddle up as if they are being deceived by the design firm. The fear of being a victim of plagiarized design is what no client would love to face. Being an UI expert, you need to make your client trust you in terms of their requirements.

The Copyright Issues for Designers

Image rights are major concerns to everyone nowadays. Every UI designer should be well aware of rights to avoid difficult scenarios or exploitation. However, if you work on something new and unique, you must refrain yourself from sharing your work.

By sharing your work, you will always want to make sure you are credited for any image that is shared on the web. Talking about the custom design, it is a great idea to display your work to other users or clients to help you attract them with your new idea.


The Solution for Designers

Sharing your creative work on design blogs, newsletters, magazines etc. is great for promotion, however, you need to safeguard your image or other contents with watermark or back links.

Practice watermarking your images before uploading them online to ensure that users often see your name displayed alongside your image and to prevent your work from the illegal application.

Preserving your rights is something that every graphic designer should be well in tune with.

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