How to Create a Custom Logo Design for your Business?

Saurabh Tiwary | 14th December 2016

Business logo design incorporates different techniques and resource to create logos for their business needs. Unlike a personal brand, corporate logo designs are ceremonial. They are bound to adhere to the brand needs and style guides. The color used on the website or mobile app must fit into the logo design needs. The prime objective is to come up with a Custom Logo Design that actually works well in all the scenarios.

Custom Logo Design for Business

Designing a logo might be tricky. Logo, being a minute component of the design plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of an organisation as a brand. A well-customized logo is more powerful than the usual logo design. Here, I will walk you walk through some of the simplest ways to design a custom logo for commercial needs.

Step wise process to design a custom Logo

Choose a Font You Like

In Adobe Illustrator, start by typing the name and scroll through the different fonts to see which one suits your needs best. Depending on the logo category, choose a suitable font that relates to your website font or anything that blends with your design. When you are satisfied with the tracking of each letter, turn the text to paths so that you can bring some modifications.

Tweak the Path

Now, with the converted paths, apply some tweaks to make it distinct. Most of the changes you need to bring is during this phase, you can keep on playing with the text to come up with more interesting designs to support your needs.

Continue to Customize the Design

Proceed with the customization part further, duplicate the triangle dots and use them to knock out the straight tails of the font to provide an angular effect.

Export to Photoshop

When you feel that the design is customized enough to look distinct from the actual font you have used, export it from the Photoshop. 

Add Details Using Illustrator

Using the text of the logo saved in Photoshop, set about creating a new layer of detail in Adobe Illustrator. Open a new file from a library of vector images that you have.

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Combine the Images

Set about combining the two different images in Photoshop. Open the text and detail files and place them on top of each other. Keep moving them around unless you are happy with their positioning.

Give It a Final Touch

Add some extra colors before duplicating the layer. Now, merge the two layers together and scroll through the saturation options until you are satisfied with the color schemes.

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