What Is A Data-Driven Design And A Few Myths About It

Kritika Jain | 6th June 2018

What is data-driven design?

Data-driven design helps to improve product design, its reliability and quality of existing products through connecting the design environment to a single product either in the field or in a test.

“data-driven design aimed to make you more informed about a product so that you can make the decision on your next generation of product  that meets customers’ needs better than today’s generation of product.”

Why data-driven design?

The main purpose of data-driven design is to develop a better understanding of everyday experience for users apart from algorithms, A/B testing, automation, and analytics.


There are many more buzzes about data-driven design, still, little agreement is also here about what data-driven design really means.


Let’s start with finding myths about data-driven design that can change the way you look at using analytics for UX design.


Myth 1- “Data Kills Innovation” 


  1. When we have ample of data whether it is from analytics, survey, or customer service data, is backward-looking. In that scenario, we can discover patterns and trends.
  2. Data is tactical rather than strategic.


Basically, data is not a problem in itself, but how it’s being used is a core problem.


Myth 2- “Data Means Numbers” 


Most of the data in a website or app flow in the form of analytics of- who has come to your website, or how they got there and for how long, and what they clicked on a website. So we can say, Numbers represents the actions of real people but a single number is not always very useful, or reliable if we rolling the behavior of millions of people, Small numbers can still count if it remains as narrative or is quantified. This makes sense for data-informed design too.


Myth 2- “Bigger Is Always Better” 


Fact is- data should be broader, not bigger, is better. As we know Data comes from multiple sources and create a more subtle picture and, in the end, an actionable outcome.

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