Newly Added Design And Features Of Google Chrome 10

Bharat | 16th October 2018

The most famous browser, Google Chrome has completed its 10 years. Being the first web browser from Google, it was launched at a time when internet users were rapidly getting frustrated while using Internet Explorer, and slowly Firefox was building trust amongst the internet users. As a favor to its users on chrome’s anniversary, Google has done new changes in it as far as the looks and features are concerned. The browser that we were habitual with, has come up with a new look and features. Visual changes incorporated the brilliant use of colors, a completely new interface, and round shaped tabs. Today, you know about the newly introduced design and features of Google Chrome 10.

A large number of Chrome users consider round tabs as the most exceptional change with regards to the Google Chrome redesign. The round design has made things discrete and practical while using. In any case, that isn’t the important change worth noting.


Newly Added Design And Features Of Google Chrome 10

10 Years Worth Of Amendments

Initially, the application had a round design. Site symbols, menus, and other design components are amended and improved. Chrome has enhanced its autofill and password manager. Also, it will auto-generate a solid password that will be linked to your Google account.

Looking for something won’t take as much time as it used to. Now, you will get the results while you are in the Search bar or Omnibox. There is no requirement for another bar to be opened. The appropriate response will appear underneath your request.


You can also look for a particular tab while you are in the Search bar. Would you be able to envision how efficient everything is? It appears as though there are no limits. Wait, there is more to tell!

You will be able to access your Google Drive through the search bar. Things will end up easily, as you are now able to make site route easily. You won’t waste your precious time looking any longer, as a majority of your most loved sites are also not only in use but they are also improving day by day. Last but not least, you are now allowed to pick a background picture for your browser.


Google will keep enhancing distinctive fragments of the browser. This change will turn out to be as a part of our lives simply like the others before Chrome’s next birthday. Some of us won’t see, however, they have made searching on Google simpler.

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