How Animated Logos and Videos are Stirring up Design?

Saurabh Tiwary | 17th March 2017

Logo and video animations take up a distinct place in the web and graphic design applications. Since the design is more about one’s creativity and innovation, it is anticipated that one should discover their own means to get most out of the least.

Animated Logo Design

The design has boundless things to offer. Logo and Video animations are few of those essential entities. Designers have always been battling and putting consistent efforts to attain the best in class user experience. This has definitely led the design industry to a next level where components like animated logo and motion graphics are playing a great role.

While web based businesses takes into account the fact that people are consuming more online content than a book or a newspaper. They might struggle to seek the attention of their potential users. The information consuming habits of consumers are shifting towards instant gratification. If your company utilizes video content, you are likely to win the game. Brands that make use of video media demonstrate more traffic driving website and conversion rates. When we talk about the video content, it takes the idea a step further. If video content are powerful enough to capture the attention of customers, just think of how adding an animated version of your logo to your content could uplift your entire presentation.


In this article, I will walk you through these two immersing web design components that are highly being employed in the modern design.

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Logos are no more Static

So far, we have been counting on logos as a static design component that helped audience recognize a company or a brand. However, since past few years, we are coming across logos that use motion and are dynamic in nature.

Big brands have always been looking for flexible logo designs to suit their varied demands and animated logos seem to fulfill their needs. Through the use of motions in the design, one can create interactive logos that are very engaging and leaves an earnest impression. Moreover, in accordance with logo animations, explainer videos are also taking place on sites.

Advantage of Animated Logo and Video in Design

Increases Brand Awareness

Be it animated logo or animation in videos, motion graphics is a great tool for enhancing brand awareness. With its dynamic nature, the subtle use of animation will be entirely different from the traditional logos.

Animated logos is more likely to grab the attention of your audience and helps easily communicate your message. Customers will have your brand firmly imprinted in their minds if you create a memorable logo.


Suitable for Video Applications

Animated logos are dynamic and this dynamic nature makes them the perfect-fit for video and motion graphics applications. They can be placed either in the corner of the video frame or can be used as an intro logos

Evokes Emotion

The use of logo animations and videos evoke emotions in your design projects and that’s one of the main reasons why they are now part of a majority of the design project. Text based content can be persuasive, but not as effective as imagery and graphic design. Through animation, you can communicate a story and have the power to draw out specific reactions.


Boosts your SEO

Use of an animated logo on your site could boost your SEO. Statistics reveal that videos and animations tend to increase the amount of time spent on a website. Also, Google’s algorithm takes these into consideration and animated videos are more likely to improve your Google search ranking.

Helps in Offline Engagement

As discussed above, animation in any form can be a highly effective medium in the digital marketing platform. However, this animation can also be fruitful in offline projects. Using this animation you can also enhance the Powerpoint presentation and other meetings. These animations are very engaging and will reduce the time required to deliver a clear message to the audience.

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