How Does Design Differ From Art?

Neeraj Charaya | 8th June 2016

Design vs Art

The subject which separates Art And Design is often being debated for many years. Artists and designers both create visual appearance but there are a number of reasons for doing this. Some designers consider themselves artists but a few artists consider themselves as designers as well.


Art Inspires. Design Motivates

Perhaps the most common difference between the art and the design is that it depends on their purpose. Typically an art starts with a blank canvas and with a view or opinion which artists want to convey others. They create an art to conveying their feelings so that others can also relate to it, learn from it or can get inspired. It’s the strong  bond between an artist to its audience.

The designer’s job isn’t to invent something new but to create something new which exists already but in a different manner from the previous one. The purpose is always to motivate their audience in terms to buy a product, use a service, visit a location, to get some new and effective information etc.


Art Is Interpreted. Design Is Understood

Another difference is that how the message is delivered to their respective audience. Although an artist sets out to convey emotion or viewpoint, that is not to say that it has a single meaning. Art connects with people in different ways as it can be interpreted differently.

The Design is just opposite. Few people think that if the design can be “interpreted” at all, it has failed in its purpose. With the good piece of design, the designer’s exact message can be conveyed to the viewer.


Art Is A Taste. Design Is An Opinion

Art is judged by opinion and the opinion is governed by the taste. It depends on one particular likes or dislikes rather than the message they take it from the piece.

The Design has an element of taste but to judge about the good and bad design is largely a matter of opinion. A good piece of design can be successful without being to your taste if it conveys the proper message which is helpful to the user then it doesn’t affect the opinion.


Art Is A Talent. Design Is A Skill

Artists have a natural ability as from a very young age they begin to paint, sculpt, draw and develop their hidden talents. But the true value of an artist lies within them which is also called as a natural ability or natural gift. Having a proper skill but no talent is worthless talking.

Design, though is a skill which is taught and learned and hence no requirement of any natural ability. You don’t have to be a great artist to become a great designer but only to achieve the objectives of design.


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