Design Differences between Android and IOS

Swarnim Agarwal | 6th August 2019

As per the new trends, both these platforms are picking up habits of each other and following trend of both IOS and Android without any obligations. But still, there are some major differences which I am going to mention here.


Home Button

In IOS we have a home button in the bottom which is the only way out from the application,won’t say this is a drawback as it cuts the options off and leaves the user with only one option. So when designing for IOS we need to provide a back button in the design for user to get back to the previous screen. On the other hand, android has three buttons at the bottom (Back, Home and Overview) which give the user more freedom for navigation as compared to IOS.


Navigation bar

Android device has a universal navigation button at the bottom and we can easily go back to the previous screen by using the back button. But when we talk about iOS there is no universal back button or navigation button so there should have back navigation at the left top corner of every screen.



Floating action button is one of the main differences between Android and iOS which is used to show the most important and most common features of that particular screen. In Android, it can be placed anywhere on the screen. While talking about iOS it is called a Call to Action button which is placed at the right top corner.



iOS platform uses San Francisco while Android uses Robots typeface. In android more white space is used between texts. So we need to be more careful when doing typography in android and iOS.



Buttons are the most basic element for user interface design. In the iOS app design, we take flat buttons means no or minimal shadow and no capital letter on the button. But in Android App design we give some depth to the buttons with capital letters on it.


Grids and Icons

Android and iOS both use the 8dp grid with a most common margin of 16px. In Android, we mostly use filled icons while in iOS we use line icons as per the present trend.



We can’t say which one is better “Android and iOS” because it depends upon the choice and need of the customer. Android and iOS both have different design principles which allow a designer to design the best user interface for customers. So as a designer first we should understand the need and requirement of a customer then design it accordingly. All these discussed points in this blog are proven by the experts who provide Ui Ux design services.


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