How To Design Facebook Post More Creatively

Anuj Bisht | 30th August 2018

The most crucial thing is to avoid the images having text encrypted on it, typography because of these text-based pictures are not in fashion or you can say that they would not look much attractive. So, the designer must have to use images having graphics on it, not text. In this blog, I have mentioned how you can design facebook post more creatively.

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Key Points To Design Facebook Post More Creatively

Image graphics help you create facebook post more attractive. Maintain post size; if the post size is same, only then your Facebook page will look attractive because when you scroll down the alignment of the posts are equal, adding line border in the post will look good. When you feel like your post is looking blank, use the text on a solid background and design it in a simple way.

If you are creating a product based post, then try to design it like one graphic and one text. If you are creating a generic post for Facebook, then you can use the text-based post as it will help you to reach more people and they are going to like it either. You can use 3D designs also. It looks very attractive these days. Use 3D design or use 3D text; both are very creative ways to make the facebook post attractive. If you are designing a product based post, then you can also do one thing i.e just design a format for the whole week and just change the text and the color that can help you to manage the work or in that free time, you can think of some new and different ideas or concepts.

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One more thing you have to keep in mind is ‘what is your target market?’ It can be any particular age group. Also, you have to know your target country once you know the color taste of that particular country and design facebook post for them. This will help you make your clients happy and your design will also make you very happy.


These techniques can help a designer in designing creative facebook images that can anyhow allure users to it. A viewer can’t stop himself by spending his crucial time on your facebook post. And this way you can advertise your product in a good way and can generate good money and publicity through your blog post.

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