A Brief Introduction To Design Cycle of UI/UX

Anuj Bisht | 8th July 2019

Design Cycle of UI/UX


Today I am going to share some basic UI/UX cycle which we need to take care so that the project in which you are working could start and end without any problem. We need to follow some basic process.


  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • User testing


These 4 processes we need to follow before start working on the project so that we know every important detail about the product.


1- Research

User research is a very crucial part of the design process. It is important because we need to understand the product better before making it and know every single requirement which we need in the future.


We have to do this research along with the developers and the stakeholders itself, if you do this they feel that they are part of the process and give their inputs according to that. Everyone’s input is important we need to ensure that first.


Stakeholder interview session

It is a very effective thing to do in the first step, stakeholders know many things about the market and product so they give you lots of information about the product. They just need to answer some basic questions and according to the answers, we can judge the product very well.


Competitive Analysis

The analysis is very important before start working on the product. We need to know about the companies who are dealing with the same product in the past few years and then note down the drawbacks of that particular product so that we can overcome with the problem and introduce our product in a better manner.


User observation

It is also very important to observe the user, what they want and what they need particularly and then give them all. Then only your product will become a successful product.


  1. Analysis

We need to understand what kind of users are beneficial for us and we can make a profit out of them. Have a session with the stakeholders for more clarity of the features. When you finalize the features what user wants and needs, then you can implement those things.


  1. Design

We have to start the design with a rough sketch. When you are confirmed that now your sketch is final for the next step then move forward to the wireframing part, after that we can also make a prototype if the user needs the wireframe to be clickable.


Information Architecture

This is to structure the pages of the product, how they appear and which page is shown after one page. Basically the flow of the product. They visualize the flow and show what you have understood.



The wireframe is a base without the colors. You just need to create the structure of the product. We just need to fill details according to our understanding. Wireframes can be low fidelity, medium or High according to the detailing required.



When you are done with the wireframe then the next step is this. It depends on the user requirement whether they want the clickable prototype or not. It is used for interacting with the product as a live product so that the user visualize the flow of the product.


  1. User Testing

This is the final step but a very crucial one. In this we test our product and point out the pain points of the user, we have to note down the reactions of the user while using the product and resolve the issue if any. If we find out the problem then we will reopen the past work and resolve as soon as possible, so that the final product which is going to deliver is the best from our end.



This process is to make our work easy and to understand the user mind if we start without any of these processes then there are more chances of failure. As a designer, I would suggest you all follow this process and see yourself the changes and you can say the improvement in your day to day work. Some of the processes is costly, I know but they are very beneficial for the success of the project.

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Anuj Bisht

I am an experienced UI/UX designer, Responsible for creating the sketch, wireframe, prototype, and visual mockups. apart from that, I like traveling and singing.

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