Design Trends That Are Widely Incorporated In 2017

Neeraj Charaya | 11th July 2017

So the year 2017 is up to now and in case if you haven’t noticed then probably you have broken one of your resolutions already. Don’t get stressed out as my resolution for getting better sleep is knocked out before.  My resolution for this year is to become a better Graphic Designer than earlier and it is a good news as I will be helping out you all to become better from the previous version in this process.

If you have read any of my other blogs then you will come to know that I am not a trained Graphic Designer. I am a beginner who enjoys seeing creative arts and illustration which drag me into the way in the field of designing and still learning new stuff for a better knowledge and understanding.

A great place to start with and to see what the graphic design place would be in the year 2017.

So this guide will help you face those changes and challenges.

Loud Use Of Colors

Across the past few years, many artists have used cool and muted colours which are easy to get the digest. This was done to make the clean and sober design which soothes the eye.

But in the year 2017 colour usage will get the shift from neutral colours to bold and louder colours. Some companies are already doing this to make their branding more powerful in the coming year of 2017. So we can not say that this year will bring a colour revolution but yes add a few amount of loud colors can make a vast difference.

Semi Flat Design

Nowadays flat design is becoming more dimensional as compared to the past few years in terms of material design. This type of transition begins with some effects of light and shadow, making it a semi-flat design. The development of flat design from minimalist design suits its new expanding feature and technologies. Flat design is undergone some improvements despite this it is still in process for becoming the latest and upcoming trends nowadays.

Bold Typography

In 2017, Bold typography will also fight against the attention duration of readers. Big and bold typography will be a trend to grab eye attention of the readers. Additionally shifting in mobile phones and high definition screens will also demand bold fonts. More and more people will be using mobile phones for getting content and how the content is presented is all that matters and need to keep up.


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