4 Skills Every Web Designer Should Possess

Saurabh Tiwary | 24th August 2016

Although art is one of the major essentials of a web design project, it is also much about science. While most of the tasks are based on sound coding as well as the know-how, a large part solely depends on possessing an intuitive sense of what looks pretty and what does not. Any capable web designer worth his technical knowledge is likely to develop a strong core fundamentals in order to compete in the web design department.

Skills Of Web Designer

Skills Of Web Designers

So the major question that comes forward is how would you develop those fundamentals? There is no hard and fast rule or it won’t just appear overnight. As we all know, there is no substitute for experience, however, a quality learning be it formal or not, also helps you grow tremendously. Another secret of better experience lies in the fact that you must keep on striving getting away from your comfort zone. This will eventually lead you to mean the major difference between struggling to find and keep clients and actually having clients come find you.

Here I mention some of the absolute fundamentals that every web designer must possess in order to deliver most out of design with their skills.

1) Try To Familiarize Yourself With Entire Design Process

Did you notice the word “entire” in the above line? Do not limit the meaning of sentence with words design process. It’s about all the aspects of design process from beginning to the end. Web designers must posses a habit of  overlapping the area of expertise to the graphic design as most of the web design projects go hand in hand with graphic design such as Logo And Brand Design, Mobile UI Design, Website Wireframe Design etc. To come up in such fields, you need to expertise in a number of departments such as:

Color- The impact of Colors can never be underestimated as it is the heart of any web design project and helps to establish the theme and the motif of any effective design.

Flow- Flow in a web design project is the user experience when a user navigates website from one page to the other. Some of the key elements of flow are effective use of depth, colors, hierarchy, shapes and lines.

2) Master Yourself In HTML

A well-rounded designer, at a bare minimum must posses the expertise in HTML.

Considering the fact that HTML is the basic framework for designing web pages, an expert designer should be knowledgeable about it. And having your hands on with HTML ensures that a designer will be able to design with more purpose and focus on the usability than ever before.

3) Be Sharp at Understanding The Finer Points Of Creating Killer Copy

A proficient web designer may be asked to do more than design i.e. you might sometimes be asked to create a site copy. This is applicable if you do not have any support of copywriters. For an instance, A designer who also has sound copy-writing skills is undoubtedly much more preferred by clients than one who only knows how to design.

4) Reach The Zenith As A Web Designer

In most of the trades, reaching the heights of your profession is what you require in order to excel. If you are passionate about your what you do and have an eagerness, you will automatically drift towards the state of being in anyway, but you can do things to speed up this process.

Essentially it is all about a budding web designer being well-rounded and consummate. The more you engage through, the more you expertise the concepts. And that is when you begin to penetrate through to master status.

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