Designing A Global-Friendly Website

Saurabh Tiwary | 6th June 2016

One of the major advantages of establishing online trade is that you can have a reach to a vast number of consumers throughout the world. Having a website which can be globally accessed can fetch you clients from across the globe. And for the reason, you need to have your website well-designed, considering variety of users from different parts of the world. However, a number of firms fail to optimize their design and to reach them. So, here we shall look into ideas for designing a Global-Friendly Website.

Global-Friendly Website

Content Optimization

Content transcreation is a major goal of Internationally Appealing Websites as it focuses on translation of the text as well as the recreation of the exact meaning, purpose and the context. In case of multi-lingual websites, it should be  optimized with text to make it fit for the foreign consumers as well. In order to have a global acceptance, your text has to convey same meaning and purpose and it must not be misunderstood.


Allow Flexible Localized Options

While designing a Global-Friendly Website, it is crucial to consider the website that provides similar user experience in all the countries. A number of websites choose the default website domain and language based on dynamic GeoIP. However, Global-Friendly Websites must allow all the users to access websites meant for any country and without having any rigid local settings.


Using Less Text In Images

Google translator cannot translate the text present in images while translating the language of the website content. In case you are using too much text in the images and frequently using images for headings, logos etc, you might lose some of your inherent buyers who do not understand the foreign language. Also, no tools or softwares running on multilingual websites can translate graphical text, so one has to be very careful about this.


Local Search Optimization

Being a seller, if you are offering same product to multiple locations at the same price, then there is no need to have multiple website for each country. However, if you wish to have different version of the same website to offer location specific products, then it is essential to make use of top level domains like .us, .uk, .au etc. Make a proper strategy of all the content, its meta description, title, keywords, etc in the native language of the location to enjoy the SEO advantages.


Optimize Loading Speed

A Global-Friendly Website employs content delivery network(CDN), a group of servers located all around the world. It speeds up the site even when the visitors browse it from an overseas location. Speed is essential in context of international online selling as loading time is different at different places depending on the internet connectivity. So, it becomes important to optimize the speed and focus on how your content is being served outside so as to target the audience from all around the world.

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