Fundamentals Of Designing An SEO Friendly Website

Bharat | 30th October 2018

A website is considered as the most crucial part for any business to succeed in the world of digital marketing. To improve the web traffic, digital marketing is the need of every website today. However, in digital marketing, the organic search is a prime traffic source and SEO is its important tool. As far as SEO is concerned, many businesses won’t think about search engine optimization at the time of designing their website. An SEO friendly website allows a search engine to read pages of its website effectively. Because, a website may look stunning, but if your website is not optimized for search engines then you will surely lack in front of your competitors. Following are some important fundamentals for designing an SEO friendly website.

Fundamentals Of Designing An SEO Friendly Website:

Design should be mobile-friendly:

We all know that the most used device for internet searches and web browsing is a mobile phone. So, the search engine optimized websites should also take care of its mobile layout. Currently, having a responsive website design is not sufficient. Today, you need to have a dedicated mobile friendly design which can boosts search results from mobile phones. For creating a mobile-friendly design, designers must know the needs of the users.

High-speed pages:

Another essential thing to take care in the mobile era is the page speed. Users are very impatient in nature, they want results instantly. Today, everyone is short on time and no one wants to wait.

Web design usability:

web design usability is an association of various factors like device centric design, high-speed pages, and a natural approach to keeping website altogether by keeping the end-user in mind. Usability depends upon how a design is easily accessible from the user’s point of view. The more usable a website design is, the more are the chances that traffic on that website increases. Key factors to take care are:

  • Essential elements of a page layout should be given more importance.
  • As far as the visual hierarchy is concerned, we must keep crucial elements bigger than others.

We have read through this blog that how designing plays an important role in making an SEO friendly website. While designing, a web design company should take care that the design is mobile-friendly, a website should be easily loadable, and also it should be easily accessible for users. We here at Oodles Studio provides best web design services.

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