Designing Email Newsletters That Boost Conversions

Saurabh Tiwary | 30th March 2018

Email Marketing is one of the popular marketing strategies practiced by business organizations to enhance conversion rate. It is a technique to attract potential customers by sending them an email about deals and offers. However, designing email newsletters and the content plays a vital role in converting the customers.

So, let me tell you some basic yet very effective techniques for Designing Email Newsletters that would ensure higher conversions.

Creative Header

The header is the first thing that users see when they receive an email. To ensure that they scroll down the content, it must be creative and appealing. Make use of appropriate typography to get the best results.


Use Color Scheme Used in Logo

Your newsletter requires a unique color scheme. Since the logo is an integral part of the header, make use of that color to write the mail’s content and designing other elements viz. Borders, forms etc. Logo color is a crucial branding element so it must be used throughout.

Use Standard Fonts

Always keep in mind when designing email newsletters, they must be legitimate and should clearly convey the message through text. Hence, stick to general fonts such as Arial ensure readability over styling.

Use of Subheading

Subheadings are very useful elements of an email that describes the content of an email in a much better way. Email provides you a much better room for elaborating every detail over traditional mobile marketing.

Use Images

Images attract users and provide a real picture of what it is about. Describing your content using interactive images and multimedia content familiarizes them with every minute detail. Just like a product description on an e-commerce website, keep it descriptive with complete information.

Use Stacking

Stacking your email content and describing them in chunks often adds interaction to the email content. Use a mixture of text and image together to create stacks of information.

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