Designing Banners For Social Media in Photoshop

Neeraj Charaya | 27th September 2016

Designing Banners for Social Media are one of the most powerful visuals aid which will require in your Marketing strategy. In this classification you will find various layouts for cover photo for Facebook, your company’s banner on LinkedIn and your Twitter banner. The job is to deliver a tough message about our branding, its objective, aim and inspiration.

Designing Social Media Banners in Photoshop

If you are planning to create  your own banner then I would suggest you with the most influential software that is Adobe Photoshop for designing banners . It has all the key ingredients which you will require to make out the best of all.

Some easy ways are there to show how to create and upload by using Photoshop.

Designing Social Media Banners

  1. Thinking part where you find your message and goals.

Before doing anything on photoshop you have to think wisely about the concept and its execution.


# You should know your target audience.

# Goals which have to be achieved.

# How  decision making will get affect by it?

# This are the question by which we will get the definite answers.


  1. Social Media Designing requirements

Each social media has its own requirements regarding their file size, file format, etc. so you should first check it to avoid creating something wrong which does not get fit or accepted when it gets upload.

You can keep the concepts same throughout all your network but it’s a matter of adjustments so it will be good if we go through these questions once.

Keep in mind that image size should be of low without losing its quality so that we should not compromise with the loading speed.

Go through the designs because it should be mobile friendly as most of the people nowadays uses it in mobile so your design should not get messed up on small screens.

And for the image sizes:

Twitter banner: 1500 x 500 px

Twitter profile: 200 x 200 px

LinkedIn banner: 1400 x 425 px

LinkedIn profile: 200 x 200 px

LinkedIn company banner: 646 x 220 px

LinkedIn company image: 110 x 110 px

Google+ banner: 946 x 532 px

Google+ profile: 60 x 60 px

Facebook profile: 180 x 180 px

Facebook cover photo: 851 x 315 px

YouTube cover photo: 2560 x 1440 px

  1. Templates

I know you are very excited to create your social media banner from scratch but you do not require to do so literally,

There are many templates you will get to know which are made in appropriate sizes by the designers to get use of it.

So save your creative part for the later and start from here by downloading templates from trustable sites and sources.

  1. Step by Step

  • Open your Photoshop and set canvas to 72 DPI, RGB, and size it according to the media banner requirement or you can upload your template as suggested before.
  • Add background image accordingly. You can do whatever you want like adding one image or multiple image as per your preference and also depending on the quality and file format as well
  • Be brave and add some valuable texts, use Gaussian Blur tool to blur your image until you gets satisfied with. Then go for Type Tool and write it away.
  • Create a new layer and add some more stuffs if there anything left behind. There are plenty of free textures and patterns for Photoshop as well. Play with different aspects like opacity, color,etc to make it look appealing.
  • Save the file format as it is needed in social network. Usually we go with .jpeg, .gif. Remember to “Save for Web” to make it easier for the compression.



The process is quite simple and straightforward for designing banners for social media in Photoshop as you have thought.

The big deal is in the execution as it will help in public engagement which will make your brand more strong and competitive.

So take your time creating and designing social media banners as it will show your goals and other aspects of your company and it is the easiest and most precise way to get work with.

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