Most Prominent Differences Between UI And UX Design

Bharat | 23rd May 2018

UX or user experience design is the method by which needs of a user are acknowledged. With this, we can draft a rough prototype, which is later validated or invalidated through testing. UI or user interface design is a combination of visual design and interaction design. Visual design is responsible for the look and feel of the website and interaction design is the process how people interact with your site. In this blog, I’ll tell you the most prominent differences between UI and UX design.


Most Prominent Differences Between UI And UX Design Are:

UX takes care of usefulness of interfaces and UI takes care of the beauty of interfaces:

Research procedure of a UX designer incorporates doing a competitive analysis, developing an image and then developing a minimum feasible product or more, a product that values to your target customer base. This validates with testing th| Oodles Studioroughout the life cycle of the product.

After testing and prototyping of user flows and wireframes, it’s up to the UI designer to make them aesthetically pleasing. This incorporates choosing a color scheme and typography that will be alluring and easy to use. However, typography, color choices, and interactions are not based on the designer’s personal preference but depend on the personas made by UX designers. Apart from that, UI designers implement a visual order that will serve as a blueprint to the users.  It also helps them letting know how to meet their objectives.

UX helps users complete their goals and UI makes connections:

UX try to search out what’s more crucial to people who are searching anything on your site. What is the most important stuff that they value or need when looking for support in choosing anything? So, for this, they ask multiple questions, observe people, interview people, make prototypes and lots of testings to verify their business and product value propositions.

After basic usability, it’s up to the magnetism of your interface that will generate loyalty in your users. Visitors may attract to your site due to a stunning design, but they will stick to it only if it allows the visitors to do their desired task.

UX design is the first step and UI design comes after that:

Generally, UX design and research is the initial step when building a product or application. UX designers manage most of the research part that will justify the initial product ideas. It also mentors the development part of the product.

After several iterations processes, it’s the UI designers who start working on the visual design and micro-interactions.


UX is a vast field and it is getting more popular day by day. Today not only companies having a web presence but many standalone businesses are understanding their users before building a product. User Interface design is suitable for user interfaces, but it’s not only limited to GUIs of computers, mobiles, and tablets else they are getting used in many devices like watches, washing machines etc. There are many differences between UI and UX design and Both UX and UI design have their own use. But it’s almost impossible to disengage UI from UX and UX from UI.

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