Different Ways For Logo Design Inspiration

admin | 26th May 2016

Starting with a blank piece of paper and thinking of ideas, it’s rather good to see some important ways below to find logo design inspiration.

Different Ways For Logo Design Inspiration

Suppose now you have taken a new brief from the new client about the logo design and specifications which has to be designed. So sitting at your desk and just thinking that you will get a proper design pop up in your head which will get fit according to client’s need would be a long time aspect.


Cast your net far and wide. Don’t just try to see 10 best logos on the top listed, otherwise you will end up making something similar to that. Try to find out what’s appealing to you according to your design by seeing other people’s work, their design, their way of execution and if you think that something or nearby its making, you attract then immediately file that thought for your future reference which will help you in your work.


  1. Designing Sites


Widen your research to include many resourceful graphic design sites such as Behance, Dribbble, Deviantart etc so that you can get a wide range of ideas and a deep knowledge of what to make and how to make regarding the fulfillment of the requirements.


  1. Get Information About Your Client’s History


Try to get the full and final information about the client as well as the company’s history which you are supposed to be dealing with, so that it becomes easy to get to know what type of work exactly client wants as you will be able to collect the data regarding the past work which company has already done. You will get to know about the taste and the pattern which they are using from the past and making their brand move ahead through that.


  1. Getting Ahead To Know About Client’s Future Needs


Here you have to find out about the future plans of the client in respect to its company that what he/she envisages to see in 12 months. You have to get to have in knowledge whether there is any new product launching in few years or is there a major change so that your logo also gets changed as  in business it keeps on changing, So you have to make your logo full future proved i.e timeless.


  1. Mind Mapping


Now what all you know about it as much as you could get to know. Gather them and start making out a rough outlet by trying and playing with different words, synonyms, colors, patterns, shapes, etc what all you are getting it.


  1. Trawl with Random Images and Archives


Scroll down your earlier sketches which you have made before making a Logo but it didn’t go well with the Client that doesn’t mean that it would not work in future for any other Client too. Search Google Images, Pinterest and related subjects according to your mood. Pick a color from there, a typeface from here, a shape there, a word, then see how could work together.


  1. Stay Calm and Relax


As you know inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime. Sketch something as it comes to you and then revisit it later to see how it might work within the parameters of your brief. If you have tried everything and still nothing comes to your mind then don’t get winced and relax your mind by getting a movie to watch, cook your favorite meal and have it, play games. You might get a sudden flash and it may work in your design.


As I said, there is not a fixed solution or way for the source of inspiration to get hit. It’s the way that you do or what you believe in. So go and help yourself and find a suitable way to act on.



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