Do’s and Dont’s of Typography

Oindrila Saha | 29th December 2017

Typography is an art of arranging type to make language appealing when displayed. Typography rules involve selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing, and adjusting the space between letters.


Choosing the Right Font-

If you are beginner then doesn’t use fancy fonts at all. try some simple fonts.

Mixing Fonts-

Limit your fonts to just two to three typefaces.Don’t try to use more than two fonts family at max, always try to Mix only contrasting fonts.

Use only one font and size for the body text, and another one is for heading can also choose fonts from different typeface families.

Setting Text-

All typefaces cannot be created equally, Some are bold and heavy, web some are light and thin. Each character height is known as its ‘x-height’. We can measure type sizes in inches, millimeter, or pixels.The font size that we use in paragraphs the web should be at least 13 px, this size is comfortable to read on the web.We should also take care of the length of the line. Try to keep your text line neither too short nor too long.The length of 35 to 70 characters for a paragraph is quite enough.

Avoid hyphenation-

Try to use a line break or narrow letter spacing a little instead of using hyphenation. Never use underling, unless it’s a hyperlink.

Tracking and Kerning-

Kerning involves the act of adjusting the space between two letters in a given font to form a harmonious pairing. Note that Kerning is different from tracking.

Tracking describes adjusting the spacing between all letters altogether.

Avoid stretching your fonts-

If you try to stretch a font it takes away its efficiency and value. Each font is created with attention to its shape and measurements. You can use tall or wide fonts rather than stretching the font and make them distorting.

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