Duotone Color: A Popular Design Trend

Saurabh Tiwary | 12th May 2016

Duotone is a technique of combining two colors in a design. It consists of two shades having same color or combination of black and tint color. The process involves using these shades of color palettes made with the screen set at different angles. These color schemes have numerous applications in music player apps and a number of promotional micro-sites. The main advantage of Duotone is that it adds the distinct design element to the images.

Duotone Color

Duotone For Dominant Images

The primary objective is to create a graphic that is attractive and incorporates plenty of contrast in the images.

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • First of all, pick two contrasting colors for the Duotone.
  • While picking up the colors, make sure that it is actually based on the mood
  • Then choose an image for the focus area. Avoid using the larger image in this case.
  • Make sure the image is of high quality as low-quality images won’t actually mix with the duotone.
  • Play with different contrast settings to verify which one suits the best according to the tone of colors.
  • Leave some spaces for the buttons and the typography.
  • Match the color options of the Duotone with scrolling slider or parallax effects and determine Duotone image with a colored border.


Duotone For Simple Color Palette

It is not required to complicate the Duotone with colors. Many times, the combination of two simple colors are more than sufficient for the Duotone creativity. Apart from this, Duotones can be used for the text representation using simple color palettes.


Duotone For Readability

Duotones stabilize the colors that allow number of spaces options to be added and also retain high contrast. Another advantage is that text can be placed using a single color to every part of the image without losing readability. This effectively brings enhancement to the readability of the text in images. However, in this case, Duotone color won’t look as bright as other applications because they are used particularly for text readability enhancements and are compromised with color depth.


Duotone For Background

Creating an attractive background using Duotone Color is definitely a positive move. Duotone complies with every background design layout when you don’t want to engage a lot of stuff into the background. Using Duotones, you can bring a charm to the images without actually bringing any major changes to it. Any change in the color is almost unnoticeable and it blends seamlessly with the other user interface elements in the design.


Duotone has gained huge popularity in recent days as they easily suit various color combination  ideas in simplest possible ways. Also, it is the simplest way to work on colors to generate beautiful mixes.  To know about more about using color in the graphic design, read our blog Exploring Color Theory.

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