Duotone Color Trends For Your Portfolio Website

When It’s come design your portfolio website for the creative work you always aims to keep it different from others or new in trends. One of the effect to keep your Portfolio different is use duotone color on your website. This will give your website some retro kind of feel but at the same time, it will give a modern minimal feel also. Let’s understand duotone color trends.



The picture above is a great case of how this basic yet striking system can be utilized for an extraordinary impact, especially when combined with solid, moderate compose (more on this quickly).


Duotone shading plans are unimaginably flexible and exceptionally compelling, in spite of the predetermined number of hues in play. There are various approaches to utilize duotone shading plans on your blog, so make sure to investigate diverse plans previously settling on the last decision.


Steps to create your own Duotone color tone images:
  • Pick a correct  Image: It is a more crucial step to select a perfect High-resolution image for your websites because If you pick wrong images, Duotone effect won’t show up strongly. Some tips to select correct image for your website
  • Always pick High-resolution image.
  • Always try to pick those images which have large no of the color palette.
  • Avoid images which have Larger areas of Black, violet and dark tone color because they will become over highlighted.
Create flat color Rectangle:  Create a rectangle on your image, fill it with a color you want to highlight in your duotone image, you can also try to use gradient colors as well.
Use opacity: Now use layer opacity on the rectangle you have drawn, make it up to 55 % in opacity settings.
Use Hard mix Blend Option: Last but not the least Use “Hard mix” layer blending option

This will give final effect to your images.

After that, it’s up to whether you want to use those images directly in your portfolio section or You can also adjust final images edits by playing in rectangle opacity.

I Hope this technique will help you make your own website successful than others.

Shubham Pachauri

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