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Bharat | 16th May 2018

A wireframe is a visual design model which represents the concept of an upcoming app. Actually, it doesn’t give any idea about the design but it helps in understanding how the application will work. For creating wireframes, we require wireframe tools. Wireframe tools make the entire process of website or app development very easy. There are a huge number of wireframe tools available in the market, every tool has different functionalities. Especially with speedy product iterations and fewer investments, use of wireframe tools is increasing. In this blog, I will tell you about some easy to use and free wireframe tools.


Easy To Use And Free Wireframe Tools Are As:

Pencil Project:

Pencil project is one of the majorly used wireframe tools. It is available as an add-on in Firefox, and also available as a standalone application in Linux and Windows. The ‘connector’ of pencil project can rapidly link all shapes within an image together, and also works with the flowchart. It helps in creating diagrams, as we can also add a link among the graphic elements. With pencil project, we can modify or join existing projects. It works really well with Firefox because then there’s no need to install it on your system. But if you are not a Firefox user then pencil project may lose its charm..


Created with goals of making it speedy, sharper and simple for designing. Mockplus is a fast wireframe tool which enables a user to do perfect responsive wireframe and prototype in less time. It supports exporting MP file from sketch straightaway, so prototyping with sketch becomes easy. It is the best choice to do faster interaction designing. With this, the whole interaction design process is completely visualized. It gives freedom to work on any platform or network whether it’s on mobile, desktop or browser.


Another important wireframe tool is wireframe.cc which features a simple interface for speedily sketching wireframes. By just using a mouse, we can create what we want, with no limitation and restriction. The most important feature of this tool is its focus only on the basics. Due to this, interaction and animations are not available. Also, it provides only 3 design patterns, which includes mobile, web landscape and vertical screen mode.


The tools which I discussed above are used to quickly design wireframes. Every tool has its own features, pros, and cons. But they all are quick, easy to use and free wireframe designs, as quickness is the very first requirement which a designer looks for in a wireframe tool.

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