4 Key Components of an E-Commerce Website Design

A significant amount of the total web traffic is received from the e-commerce website users. Shoppers are going crazy about the online shopping as it is one of the most convenient means for buying products. A tremendous growth in  the e-commerce sector has influenced merchants to go online with their specialized product expertise, and services.

Visitors spend hours of their time browsing products and reading user’s reviews over the internet. Overall, e-commerce websites have been a source of attraction to the web users in past few years. Also, e-commerce sector is growing rapidly with every small and large business going behind designing e-commerce websites.

Listed below are some of the key aspects of an e-commerce website design that are ideal for most of the business applications.

Major Components of an E-Commerce Website

The objective of an e-commerce design is to let users easily access all the listed products on the site. The challenging task is to list numerous items and make it searchable in the easiest possible way. To do so, it’s good to go with following approaches.

Website Structure Sets up the Foundation for E-commerce “Usability”

As we know, Information Hierarchy plays an important role in every type of design, the importance goes high in case of e-commerce design. A proper breaking down of components is the prime need. In addition, the workflow is also important. It is interesting to see how the e-commerce giant like Amazon manages to list millions of products on their website without risking the website e-commerce experience.

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Mobile-Friendly E-commerce Website Design

Most of the e-commerce websites now prioritize their mobile accessibility over their desktop versions. This is evident considering the fact that in a recent survey, the conversion rate for mobile and tablet users surpassed desktop e-commerce users. So, it becomes more than the need for website owners to optimize the web pages for mobiles.

In addition, the growing popularity of developing a related e-commerce app is a great idea if you can afford to build one for your business. It allows accessing every item with an ease as pages are meant specifically for mobile viewing.  

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Images are Important

A slight inconvenience with the online store is that no sales support staff are present to help the customer with their purchase decision. Although  there are some chat assistant options provided by some websites, but they might not be always enough.  Therefore, your product descriptions must be clear, detailed and accurate. Including high-quality pictures of the actual product will also help get rid of any confusions regarding the items being described.

Easy Checkout Options

One of the major problems faced by the online shoppers is when they have gone through the process of shopping and selecting items, but find it difficult to buy in the checkout process. This is one of the prime reasons that kills your conversion rate. The checkout process of an e-commerce must have good functionality and usability if you want your potential customers to use your services and trust your brand.

Some key functions of providing a good checkout experience are to work on CTA button design make sure that your website has optimal speed. In addition, show product descriptions and images in the cart, allow easy modifications of products in the cart and also provide a support contact.

Saurabh Tiwary
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