UX Essentials Of A WordPress Ecommerce Website Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 8th August 2018

WordPress has now a large market share is one of the best choices for eCommerce website design. It offers a large number of useful plugins for creating product pages accessible on desktops and mobile apps. The customized UI support by WordPress is one of the main reasons why WordPress is suitable for eCommerce designs. Apart from this, there are a variety of shopping cart plugins to support your online website with design and development services.

No denying the fact that WordPress is one of the best CMS for any sort of website application. Also, there are several other reasons why online retailers choose WordPress over any other CMS platforms.

Some of the highlighting features that make WordPress suitable for eCommerce website design are:

  • Ease of managing different types of content
  • A friendly community with cost-effective services
  • A large number of library themes available to create the user-specific design for product pages

Now, let us explore some of the UX components that are highly effective in developing a WordPress eCommerce website. Before you make use of any one of those plugins, get familiar with the trends and the user acceptance of that design.


Complement Users With Ease Of Access

While designing pages for eCommerce, the user’s convenience is the key to a product design. You may need to take care of features that will allow users to quickly find the product they are looking for. For an Ideal situation, a specific product or category may need two clicks while browsing. Some of the practices like quick search or quick specification can be a productive idea.

Live Search Options

Ajax-powered live search allows instant search suggestions while you are typing. The Milano WordPress theme also allows live search capability that adds to the convenience while customers shop. This helps in the way when you start browsing for products and you will find relevant products are shown when you enter in keywords.

Milano theme works quite well with WooCommerce and can work with a variety of product types. It has advanced product filtering options, multiple homepage layouts, and the ability zoom in photos when you hover your mouse.

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Quick View Of Product Specifications

The quick view option allows instant viewing of product specifications in modal windows. You do not need to visit any other page.  KuteShop does this job quite well by providing this functionality inside it.

KuteShop is a well customized Woocommerce theme that offers more than 15 homepage layout designs and the ability to create a large number of header/footer layouts.

Advanced Product Filtering Options

Advanced Product Filtering feature lets your users search for specific products they are looking for with the finest details. The filtering options inside the Ekora theme is one of the great ways to go. It helps break products down by various filtering options such as the type of products, price range etc.

UX Essentials Of A WordPress Ecommerce Website DesignThe Bottom Line

Mentioned above are some of the key aspects of WordPress plugins for eCommerce website design. The major considerations to look for while choosing one of them is the study of your customers and the products and services that you offer. The priority of designing a mobile-based app UI or web-based services is something which should be carefully studied. A number of customers rely on mobile apps, so, it is also crucial to take care of mobile design as it can have a significant impact on your business.

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