Best Tips to Create Effective Mobile Application Wireframes

Bharat | 21st June 2018

Designing a mobile-based user interface is quite tough as compared to a desktop-based interface. A designer needs to be more attentive while designing the overall mobile interface design to guarantee readability for users of different platforms. In addition, he needs to pay attention to incorporate all required tools and elements to a mobile screen without messing up the screen. And most important of all, incorporated tools must function properly. For this, a wireframe is really important as it helps the designers in designing a mobile application. It is a visual guide which shows skeletal framework of a website. In my previous blog, I have mentioned some reasons why you need a mobile app wireframe design company. Now, here are some important tips in the blog to create effective mobile application wireframes.

Essential Tips To Create Effective Mobile Application Wireframes:

Creating blueprint:

When a team has assigned a task of building an application and if they directly start the work, without having a basic structure, then for sure they will be committing more mistakes because they don’t have a prototype in front of them. As a result, it will increase the time consumption. And also the cost of the project increases. Due to this reason, the need of a wireframe arises. Creating a wireframe will be beneficial for the designer as well as the client. Because with the help of this both will understand each other’s expectations and limitations. For better results, you can hire mobile app wireframing experts, they can take care of all this.

Preparing multiple designs:

Suppose you have created a single wireframe design and when it’s sent to the client for the approval, it doesn’t fit as per the needs. So, if you have some spare designs ready, they might go with the client’s requirements. Because if you don’t have extra designs ready, then you reach the same point from where you have started. Due to this, having an extra design always help you.

Providing content:

For creating a wireframe for a mobile app, you not only require a plan or a flowchart but good quality content as well. If you are not sure that the content for your interface is not up to the mark. You can take help from the professionals like Oodles Marketing, a brainchild of Oodles Technologies for content writing purposes.

Using different platforms:

Some of the important platforms which are commonly used by people are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. So, it’s a necessity to design for both the platforms. Because both have a difference in their interface, gestures, and buttons, etc. While creating for iOS, a designer needs to take care that most of the functions in iPhone are controlled by only one button. So, it means that the interface won’t need any back button. But when a designer is designing for android phones, he must take care that the design is according to all three menu buttons.

Why choose us:

Sometime’s a designer might think that the design which he has designed is perfect, there are no flaws, but a client see the design from a different perspective. In these cases, effective mobile application wireframes are really helpful. For this, you can choose market professionals like Oodles Studio for your work.

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