Elements To Include While Designing A Restaurant Logo

Bharat | 24th August 2018

Assume you had sandwiches from various restaurants. Neither of them was having any name, signs, and symbols to identify their food. Is it possible for you to recognize what you liked and what not about each restaurant? Making great food is only a single attribute for having a prosperous restaurant. If you have to compete with a large number of restaurants selling similar food items then it’s up to you to make your restaurant different from others. Building a brand will make your customers loyal and trustworthy for your business. And designing an amazing looking restaurant logo is a great thing to start with. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the essential elements to include while designing a restaurant logo.

Crucial Elements To Incorporate While Designing A Restaurant Logo

Your logo must differentiate your business from others

Why creating a different logo from your competitors is really necessary? Logos of great restaurants have a distinct presence which reflects on their products and services. Just think about all the well-known restaurants in the world. Everyone is representing a different aspect, some are emphasizing history, values, and family bondings, while others are focussing on their ingredients, quality and fast food convenience. So, research your competitors, and work on the vital points to make your business stand out.

Demonstrative typeface

A powerful and influential restaurant logo does not rely on symbols. Major restaurants like Subway, Denny’s, and McDonald’s all are using English alphabets as their logo marks. The font you are using should display the mood of your business. Always use an entirely exceptional typeface. Most of the big restaurants are using custom lettering so that other restaurants can’t easily replicate their logos.



The logo of the restaurant must match and go with the products, the restaurant is offering. They have to do a thorough research on the fact that who is their core customers and what’s the reason which is making them come to you again and again. The logo of the restaurant must depict the story of the restaurant. Most of the major restaurants are telling their story through their logos, like how their forefathers started and in which circumstances. These stories let people relate to them and also strengthens their faith in that restaurant.

Creating a good balance with shapes

Incorporating unusual elements altogether can ruin your logo. No one likes to see sharp elements battling with round ones. Also, big logos look unusual when inner shapes are very small, this thing leaves a lot of excessive space. A messed up logo confuses your customers and would not add any value to your brand. That’s why it’s good to use well-known shapes and their proportions, you should use a proper symmetry to make your logo looks appealing.


A good restaurant logo took some time in it’s making, but the end-design should look simple. The designer should keep editing the design until all unwanted elements are removed from it. But the important point is that the design should look elegant and simple.


Take feedback and inspiration from your genuine and trustworthy customers. Once you have the feedback and point of view of your loyal customers, designing a restaurant logo is not a big deal left for you.

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