Ankur Kushwaha | 29th June 2018

On an average day, we go through the wide range of emotions, such as disappointment when we have to wake up early morning, happiness when we listen to something good, anger when the metro we are traveling on stops without warning, or frustration when we struggle to open a bottle cap. Similarly, emotions invoke as we navigate and interact with our surroundings, these emotions are evoked when navigating and interacting with different technologies. While some emotions are less common, like sorrow and empathic concern, many products persuade a wide range of emotional responses. Few of these emotions are an not intended by-product of certain design qualities, on the other hand, emotional responses are the result of good planning to enhance the user experience associated with the product.

‘Emotional Response’ meaning

Emotions execute from changes in our psychophysiology and these changes occur due to events in our surroundings. An emotional response to circumstantial stimuli is channeled by the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses., which helps us interpret knowledge and, as a result, heavily influences the type of emotion we experience.


Our emotional mindset is continuously changing according to stimuli from our surroundings. Emotions can be experienced without such stimulation, most changes occur due to outside force. Emotions are psychophysiological changes, which occur naturally and as said, due to events in our surroundings. These changes are channeled by our cognition and how we are aware of it at the same time and other factors (i.e. things that takes place outside the user’s body). That’s why, the role of the designers is to understand how we get affected by the product designed and how they can be developed to improve the related user experience, and on bigger scale improve our lives.

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