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Ankur Kushwaha | 6th June 2018



The moments that define our lives are generally associated with distinctive emotional states. When we get the grades necessary to go to our school, college, or university, we experience happiness, and perhaps a little excited about going somewhere new. In contrast, if we fail to get the grades, we might feel bad, surprised (depending on how you felt you had performed in the exams and coursework), or depressed. These emotional states become a part of the memory as the experience itself. If you were to send your mind back to a particularly important memory of your life, you would instantly react with the feels, how it affected you mentally, and how it affected your behavior. Even the act of recapitulating the experience may strike a similar emotional experience, defining that quite how important emotions are to us and our experience of the world.


Most people feel that emotions are important, in certain negative emotions, which are assumed to perform various functions important for our physical and mental well-being. for example anxiety; for a long period of time, anxiety can be debilitating, but in the short span, it prepares us to potential threats in our environment. This reflex also ensures that we are in a prominently high state of physical reaction to deal with the threat or remove ourselves from the menacing situation.


We can say that emotions circumscribe both positive and negative emotional states, have the potential to benefit us. And it’s not just that emotions have a strong and positive effect on our psychophysiology, but they also provide us with the momentum to choose and pursue different goals. This is particularly important when circumstances result in the continual prevention of goal attainment. If we will be getting only positive emotion as a result, we may continue with the same lifestyle which can result in the loss of physical and cognitive resources which are essential for self-preservation.

To be Continued…

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