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Saurabh Tiwary | 13th April 2016

Typesetting is the process or the craft used for setting the type for a document or page. It is a constructive method of organizing the text and images so as to prepare them for good quality printing. This technique  includes selecting the most suitable text style, size and combination of photograph and design element. Many designers consider typesetting to be a very simple procedure, but it takes ample of time to discover innovative font styles, understand the impact of font while picking out a typesetting.



 What Typesetters Do?

The primary task of a typesetter is to combine text and images present in the information in a visually pleasing form. It should be combined in such a way that the design is accurately distributed throughout and different font sizes are placed in a logical manner. The objective of a well-defined typesetting in the design process is to attain unique font design without degrading the font readability as fonts vary in terms of their style.

 Terms Associated With Typesetting:-

  • Measure:- The ‘measure’ is a specific name provided for width measurement of  body of type. A number of other units are used for defining other attributes in typesetting like 1 pica equals 12 points and one point equals 1/72 part of an inch.
  • One em:- It is the measurement of horizontal distance that is equal to the type size in points. Apart from em, other measuring units like mm, px and ex are used for measurement.
  • Leading:- Leading is the measure of distance between lines of corresponding text. In most of the typesetting application, it is a good idea to add more leading than it is required. For instance, if you are using 7pt type, set leading to the 10pt which can also be modified further. The way in which types are aligned to the leading values in any document is known as baseline grid. Leading can also have some fractional values in base line known as incremental leading.                                                      

These are three mostly used terms associated with typesetting in text design that defines most of the attributes like length, width and height etc. A very important point that must be noted that typesetting varies from typography as it is not about designing fonts. Instead, typesetting refers to providing attributes to a new innovative font creation technique.

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