Choosing Between Enterprise Responsive Web layout Or Native Mobile App

Kritika Jain | 29th September 2017

No one can deny the fact that the mobile app market is one of the fastest growing markets. This industry is growing daily and more crowds are moving to mobile rather than desktop for searching or surfing. Influencing by this revolution most of the companies are shifting their website to mobile App or in responsive Web layouts. Let’s find out the key factors and difference of both design approach.

Responsive Web layout:

Responsive Web design suggests that design need to respond the user’s behavior according to display/screen size. Responsive Web Design creates your web page look nice on all devices either it is a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design-

1. It is based on single code that is built once and can run across well on all device resolutions.

2. A single version of the website helps to improve its SEO in other terms important to enhance page ranking. If we have two versions, like a website and native app, it affects to page ranking.

3. Because of a single link, it reduces the maintenance cost.

4. Better control on code and flexibility to perform any changes.

Disadvantages of Responsive web design-

1. Responsive web design work slowly when goes on mobile resolutions because of images and animation takes time to load.

2. We also restricted to use some animation effects in responsive web design as compared to mobile animation effects.

Native Mobile App:

A good user experience has always been mandatory for all design whether it is Mobile or Website layouts. Mobile app services provide best user experience as they have better interaction, animations and easy to use navigation.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design-

1.The native mobile app provides better performance and resolves the issue of loading time for images and animations. 2.Native mobile app able to access mobile device functionality so it enhances native app user experience as well. 3.Native App makes your brand easily accessible by the user, once the app has been downloaded by the user, users are just a tap away from you.

Disadvantages of Native App.

1. In terms of development, a native app is more expensive and time-consuming to develop as the developers need to create a unique code and design for each operation.

2. The native design does not support in raking, in short, they are not SEO friendly.

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