The Most Essential Tools Used By Designers

Kritika Jain | 28th September 2018

Here is a list of a few essential tools for designers that will be helpful to enhance your skills.


  1. GoVisually-one of the best way to collect client feedback for your projects.
  2. Redpen- The fastest Feedback tool, Drag and drop your design and invite your friends.
  3. Wake- Share, review and discuss design among your team, Airbnb use it.
  4. BounceApp- A fun and easy way to share ideas on any website.
  5. Marqueed- Mark-Up and discuss images online. Pretty useful for Photoshop.
  6. CageApp- A unique dashboard to collaborate with teams and clients.
  7. Invision- A simple prototyping and collaboration tool for designers
  8. LingoApp- Build and share libraries of visual assets with your entire team. For Mac only.


  1. ColorHunt- Browse through thousand of four-color combinations until you find the right one.
  2. ColorZilla- Super convenient extension to pick color from a web page.
  3. Pictaculous- Upload your images and get a compatible color palette.
  4. TinEye- Determine your colors and search images with the perfect color combinations.
  5. Colocious- Press the space bar and generate the new color. Amusing and useful.
  6. PaletteGenerator- Generates a color palette for any image you find on the web.


  1. Dribbble- The place where designers share their most dazzling assets.
  2. Muzli- All the design inspirations you need straight in every new tab (its a browser extension).
  3. Awwwards- Recognises the talents and effort of the best designers, developers, and agencies.
  4. Design aspirations- Pinterest -style board of high-level design inspirations to share.
  5. Design Your Trust- the Collective blog full of design portfolio and architectural inspirations.
  6. One Page Love- An original showcase of elegant one-page websites.
  7. Material Up- Curates the best design material available online every day.
  8. Really Good Emails- Catalogue of well-designed emails to inspire you when building your newsletter.
  9. Site See- a Curated gallery of beautiful, Modern, Websites from all around the world.
  10. Mobile Patterns- Learn how to overcome UX flows for your mobile app.

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