Ever Evolving User Experience

Ever Evolving User Experience

Like technologies, in past few years, designs also have been revolutionised. There was a time when design used to portray only graphical layout and brand. Traditional designs were all about looks. But now, designing is evolving the user’s circumference; a complete look and feel of the end products layout. No matter for which industry a design is being created, designing aims at the final product. Where the end product involves design strategy, product’s logical flow. Mobiel UX designs are being created by focusing completely on user’s mind-set. In the first phase, the UX designers involve a lot of research and  analytics on users. In this research, most of the Mobile UX designers target the audience and try to answer the question : who the audience might be, the audience expectations and the outcome of the end design. Highest priority for the UX designer is to have an effective solution to the user’s usability.

Composition of UX

Unlike an UI designer, UX designer has many modes of thinking. A traditional designer starts evolving into several design folks. An UX design comprises of the following :



UX Designer Principles:

Follow User’s Task –

UX designing revolves around the users and its usability. Information gathered from the user’s research can be used as design specification, the observation on user might help a lot on development.

Consider User’s Behavior –

The process of UX designing involves various trials and design measurement to track real progress. The measurement can be performed on usability test, A/B testing or review on the standard principles.

Iterative Design –

For an effective design, it’s very important that the UX design follows iterative methodology. The whole process of design/ development will consist of number of Design/ Development followed by Testing phase for each progress.

A good design wins SMILE

Despite of the fact, UX designers work much harder to make amazing user experiences. UX designers usually encounter misconceptions such as; UX is all about common sense, what’s a big deal in UX? UX : It’s too expensive! It takes a lot of effort to understand user’s perspective. UX designers are well aware of the fact that whenever a user has an amazing experience, the probability of the product usage increases.

A simple smile can create ever lasting impact. A small thoughtful idea has a power to turn miserable experience into an enjoyable one, it has power to motivate audience and change the behavior. It might sound simplistic but making an amazing experience needs a lot of empathy. The designers at Oodles Studio maintain a healthy balance of knowledge and creativity which comes from research, practice and experience. Oodlites aim to bring a smile of satisfaction on the client by their motivation to perform the best.


Shilpa Adhlakha

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