Everything About Functional Animation In UX Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 13th May 2016

Functional Animation is a finely-drawn animation that is embedded in a user interface design as a part of the process. Unlike other animation types that are used in 3D movies or computer games, Functional Animation has a clear and a logical purpose. The objective is to serve a design concept by supporting the solution to your goals that require objects in motion. It is one of the useful design assets for achieving rich designing works.

Functional Animation

The Need Of Functional Animation in Web And Mobile UX Design

Functional Animation is required when you need to make your icons look real in order to enhance human interaction. This lets the user interact with your website in an interesting way, providing them with the best of the user experiences. Some of the features include movements of icons, their expansion, a sequential movement like real-world stuff etc.


Working On Functional Animation

There are a number of ways to make use of the Functional Animation.


Through Transitions

Animated Transition act as the intermediaries between the different states of the UI by  helping users understand what changes are going to occur on the screen. The aim is to make the users understand the transition pattern so that they can follow the motion on the screen and perceive how the UI states are related.

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Visual Hint

Visual hint makes the user understand how to interact with the interface of the product. It is primarily required in designs that contain an unusual object or a distinct navigation method.

This kind of functional animation can be easily turned up when a page is opened. A quick, one-time animation is abruptly triggered that demonstrates how certain functionality in the design will perform.


Quick Movements

Most of the computer-generated animations are linear. They lack varieties and movements. In functional animation technique, there is a lot of scope for introducing movements. If you want users to spend more time on your website, you need to show a consistent progress that can have slow to quick movements. This feature can easily be achieved in functional animation.

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Enhancing Functionality

In any graphic design project, the functionality is of prime importance. In this case, the functional goals are to bring consistency through animation. Suppose, in a small display device, you need an action button to have some changes depending on some specific conditions. If a user is familiar with the functionality of that action button, he would also learn its other functionalities.



Functional animations can incorporate infinite amount of potential in terms of providing a good time and an efficient UX to websites and apps. They are more than just a tool for enhancing user experience.

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