Evolution In UI Design Patterns Over Past Few Years

Saurabh Tiwary | 27th September 2018

User Interface Design is very dynamic in nature. Through continuous advancements and user research, new elements get in and start to roll out within no time. Anything intuitive today might turn out to be an obsolete element tomorrow. So, it’s often the need of the hour to keep up with the UI trends.

Here, I list out several changes that we see in the design that has taken place in just a few years.

1.Demand for Mobile Device Interface– The web users are split into web and mobile web users. You don’t have to work only for the web, but users demand mobile-friendliness in all of your designs making it easier for them to explore whenever and wherever they are.

2. Typography is More Dominant in UI– While typography has been ruling for decades in various design forms, but it is important to note that it has evolved a lot in past few years along with the minimal approach of design.

3. Infinite Scrolling– A decade ago, users were provided with the interface of pagination on the web to navigate through other pages. However, with the advent of E-commerce platforms, the tendency of “Infinite Scrolling” has taken place in the interface. This is a lot more trending element in the field of both web and mobile UI.

4. Evolution in colors– Those neon backgrounds on the websites are nowhere to be seen. The white background now rules the design patterns and is highly accepted by the users. No more distracting elements such as GIF seem to work in modern design. The trend is more towards “Minimalist Design” with better usability and workflows.

5. The advent of Hero Images– Websites with hero images are much more liked by the users that itself determines the theme of the design and what it wants to convey. In the early days, most of the sites used large menus and that was replaced by carousels and now hero images are taking over.

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