How to Design Explainer Videos for a Business?

Saurabh Tiwary | 18th November 2016

Explainer videos can be very useful for your business. This can be concluded considering the fact that video content is now a lot more accessible to the web users. Compared to the text or images, videos tend to drive more engagement on your website and may contribute to achieving your business development goals. A great advantage of using explainer videos is that it provides a sense of clarity and satisfaction towards any product or services.

Explainer Videos For Business

Users feel more comfortable and are likely to trust your website if you provide them with a walk through using explainer videos. Besides, these short videos can prove to be handy while explaining any complex topics. Having gone through some of the key advantages of explainer videos, now let me walk you through some of the proven ideas to get most out of your explainer video for your business.

Proven Tips For Designing Explainer Videos For any Business

The first step towards creating a functional explainer video clip is to study your key objective. Whether you are trying to create a brand awareness or willing to promote a newly launched product, you need to decide the purpose of your explainer video.

Even a Complex Topic Covered in Explainer Video Should Focus on Simplicity

You must ensure that the video you are creating should focus on the user goals as well. No matter how complicated subject you are trying to explain, choose the simplest possible way. This is also needed as the viewers that watch your videos may not be associated with that specific subject.

Some of the website visitors might just want to get familiar with the subject. But, if you are creating a technical video content, make sure it possess some generic structure that can help the users have a brief idea of what it is about.

You Don’t Need to be a Technical Expert To Create Engaging Videos

Although there is no end to the use of cutting-edge technologies in the video production process, however, a creative idea with average knowledge of graphics can also bring out an out of the box design. You need to be familiar with some basic image manipulation techniques and add some brain to it.

However, if you can add few more dollars to the video budget, you can hire experts to design a professional explainer video for your business.

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Plan a Script for the Explainer Video

A well-planned walk through in the form of a storytelling approach is very useful in communication with the viewers. Just like the creative ads that you find on televisions, relate it to the users instead of making it more technical.

Storytelling approach is very fruitful when you are trying to introduce users to any product which is new and needs some explanation. You can describe it as how can it benefit users in their day to day life.

Keep it Short- Not More Than 2 Minutes

As the name suggests, “explainer”, it is about explaining things. It’s not about the reviews or long details of pros and cons. An explainer video is not meant to cover every aspect. It is just useful for providing a brief description which can last somewhere between 30sec to 2 minutes. Every second should be valuable and catchy.

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So, these are some of the proven tips for designing explainer videos that really work. You can create videos as per your business needs which can be simple to the industry level. Explainer videos have gained too much of popularity in the recent years in the field of web design as well as in business developments.

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