Explainer Videos Are Great For Your Business

admin | 25th August 2015

Explainer Videos Are Great For Your Business

Explainer Videos for Business

Explainer Videos Are Great For Your Business


We can’t ignore Google’s love affair with video content. It could be the best way to increase your reach and expand your market which will eventually lead to extended sales.  


What is an “Explainer Video”? Well, an explainer video has a story, it tells people about your product and your brand.


Explainer video:


1. Describes a service or a product

2. Clarifies the meaning of the message

3. Helps customer understand your product or service

4. Increase you reach and sales  


If you have already made your mind to get an explainer video for your brand new or established business then yippee! you’ve some great explainer video makers out there. An explainer video also works as a call to action.


There are plenty of people to help you out with an explainer video, but it can cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t invest enough time in research. The video won’t be as successful as it should be. Let’s find out what makes an explanatory video successful.



It has got to be simple


Simple is beautiful. A 1-minute video contains approx 120-150 words, so it has to be simple. Don’t flood the video with a lot of content, you have all your website to inform people about everything. Give your viewers enough time to absorb the information.



A successful script leads to a winning video


Nobody can deny the fact that a script is what supports a video. You don’t have to plunge. According to studies, triggering auditory senses can help people remember 10% of what they hear, but a mixed of audio & visual can help them remember up to 70%.


No jargon, please


We all want to sound smart in front of other people, but you don’t have to sound smart in this case. No layman wants to hear about “OSI Model” or “Gigaflops”. Be simple and simply describe what sets your brand apart.


Aim the right audience


Well, you may say, oh come on this is common sense, but common sense isn’t that common. Sometimes people just don’t invest time in research to target the right audience for the video. So, know your audience before it’s too late.


Fun to watch videos & must have a story


Well, who doesn’t like fun to watch videos? You can add a little bit of humor to make it memorable. People share  nice videos, no matter if it’s an ordinary funny video or a fun to watch explainer video. This will eventually attract more viewers that will increase your reach.


We all like stories too; we grew up listening to stories about this and that. Stories help us connect more effectively. Without giving your audience inside scoop, you can use stories to influence decision making. Simply telling why you are better than your counterparts is now too old to be sold.


Understandable call to action


Do you want your audience to subscribe for daily news, or download your e-book app? Make it very clear in the video, what action do you want them to take, and chances are they will do that.



The video should have a problem and solution to the problem


Try to get your audience to make a connection with the problem. If it’s about touching their emotions, try to hit it hard so that they remember it for a long time. The videos that connect with viewer’s real life problems have highest possibilities of getting shared.


Once your have established the connection through the problem, now try to convey your product or service as an answer to their problem.


You have to explain what you’ve got that your competitors don’t have. Now tell your viewers the benefits of your service.  


Your company’s story is powerful enough to make people take action. All that you need is a great storyteller.



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