Factors That Influence The Cost Of Your Website Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 3rd August 2016

Most of us who often think of designing a lucrative and functional website possesses a sense of confusion about what would a website cost depending on our business requirements. Designing a website or its development is not as complicated as it is over hyped by people. However, there are several factors that determine the website design prices.

Website Design

Usability & Navigation

Usability is all about organizing various pages into the information architecture and creating the options to navigate. Some other costs include testing procedures such as the usability testing and A/B testing. Most of the designers  exhaust most of their time being indulged in these processes. And this is what adds to the extra cost.

Website Design Process

Using a template is the most convenient approach in the design process. However, the it is often required to create a custom design which adds to the expenses. The budget required for a custom design may vary depending on the complexity of the design.

Content Writing

Content is an essential component of a website design process which plays a major role in marketing as well as for SEO. The cost of writing content depends on the time spent on research and the number of pages of your website. You need to hire an expert content developer that will additionally cost you in your design.

Content Management System

CMS helps you manage the content of your website. Few popular names of CMS platforms are open source with other costs by web designers in configuration and customization of design. Generally, the cost for an open source CMS depends on the number of pages and the design complexity.


The more functionality you add, the greater will be the cost. CMS like WordPress often provide a number of advanced features. However, incorporating additional functionalities can cost you even more.

Mobile Website

Sometimes, it is the need of a business to get websites specifically designed for mobiles. This is another factor that can add to the more expensive design.

Search Engine Optimization

Once you are done with your design process, you need to invest amount for optimizing your website for search engines. This often requires hiring SEO experts that help you with your website being accessible on the web.

It is one one of the most crucial web design and development practices fro all the business design.

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