Features UI Professionals Practice For Astonishing Android App UIs

Bharat | 9th October 2018

Android, an innovation claimed by a notable tech organization, Google incorporates the most recent Linux variant. This was essentially designed for the tablets and smartphones having touch functionality. Be that as it may, later, this innovation was utilized in Android Auto, Android TV’s, Wearable OS and so on. It’s an awesome platform with astonishing highlights and all the possibility to improve the UX of your website. Here, I enlighten you concerning the highlights that UI design specialists utilize to create Android app UIs.

Attributes That Assist In Enhancing The Android App UIs:

Utilizing Specific Parameters:

It’s extremely pivotal to have an ideal parameter of graph size for specific gadgets as indicated by their measurement. The Android platform supports different illustrations sizes and also various file formats like JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and WebP, and so on. Among all, JPEG is superior to all when it comes to quality.

Giving Professional View:

We have numerous choices to give an expert look to our custom android application by executing animation schemes and shading variety while changing from one application to the next application. Buttons of the menu bar ought to be designed with delicate edges rather than pointy edges to get a presentable look to appear like web applications. The drop shadows, holographic styles, 3-D impacts ought to be implemented with proper concern and appropriate lighting idea. For including consistent qualities and appropriate angles, we utilize photoshop and design graphic editors.

Utilization of proper colors and image combos:

Android UI must contain huge color blend in between foreground and background view. For a reasonable and fresh appearance, it is fundamental to choose the ideal color mixes to make things legitimately viewable. It ought to be fundamental to incorporate assets that are particularly modified up to a specific gadget so the extensive size pictures stack adequately.

Utilization of suitable Tools:

Tools which we use for handling hierarchy of apps layout will give a profiling subtle element that aids in the compelling performance of the app. Software development unit holds various devices for outfitting the impacting profile to an android app. Traceview is a tough apparatus that troubleshoots and finds essential issues in the application. Layout tool is additionally helpful in bringing the UI in Android apps.


By utilizing these highlights, one can create great android app UIs, which includes a few algorithms and different strategies. These highlights can possibly get things done at a quicker pace which makes the client feel glad while utilizing it.

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