Flat Design Principles For Stunning Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 21st July 2016

Flat Designs are really cool. Yes, they are. The trend of implementing the material design in mobile apps is probably the new thing in the web design and development of a website for a lot of site owners out there. But wait, flat designs are still alive. The minimalist design approach in flat design implementations is still in vogue and has its own importance separating itself from the material design. Here, we shall take a look at some of the flat design principles that when incorporated yields really a cool website design.

Delighting Flat Design

No Extra Effects in Flat Design

The Flat Designs employ simple two-dimensional design approach without using much of extra color combinations or additional graphics. The flat design does not go behind exaggerating different elements to boost the visuals. Components like drop shadows, gradients, bevels are often avoided that adds simplicity to the design. Be it a box or a frame, all the elements in these designs are crisp and do not add edges or shadows. No extra effort is put on to make the design look realistic.

Preference On Typography

Flat Designs focus a lot on typography. The simple design approach of flat design leaves a lot of room for designers to work on typography. Typography has really been in trend for a while now and continues to be the preferred choice of design in web and mobile apps design when it comes to implications of the font. However, there are some principles to make better use of typography in flat design. The tone of the typeface design should match the overall design scheme. Using a highly embellished font might might be a bad choice against super-simple design.

Focus On Color

Colors play a major role in this Design. The color palettes in this design form are often brighter and even more colorful compared to other websites. These color palettes in flat design projects comprise of a number of hues as well. While most of the color palettes make use of two or three colors, flat design palettes may employ six to eight colors.

In addition, the hues tend to be more vibrant. Examine the purest colors from the color wheel without tints or tones. Only Primary and secondary colors are popularly known.

Minimalist Design Approach

Flat designs are simple in nature and works well when accompanied by minimalist design. Using too much of graphic elements must be avoided in Flat Designs. It’s more about taking most out of text and colors. To add more visuals in website or mobile UX applications, designers make use of some shot images. In the majority of the flat design applications, the basic flat design theme is employed. Designers pick a single effect and use it throughout the design project. This ensures more flexibility to the design.

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