Flat Design Principles Can Revamp User Experience

Saurabh Tiwary | 29th September 2016

Flat designs are very powerful. Not all designs actually demand application of dense colors or color mixes. Even flat design techniques can delight users with simple yet very intuitive user interface. They make the  design simpler without much of hassles or any complications which we  often see in other forms of design. A number of website design and development companies go behind a number of practices where flat design is one of them.

Flat Design

Flat Design Principles


#No Added Effects

Flat design is named as per the design patterns and the shapes used. They makes use of distinct two dimensional design approach which is simply flat.


The primary application is without embellishment i.e. through drop shadows, bevels,  etc. or tools that help add depth to the design. Every element in this design from right from image frames to all the buttons to navigational tools looks crisp and does not have feathered edges or any shadows.


No effort is made to enhance the look of design elements and make it look more realistic such as 3D effects.


#Typography Has An Importance

Since flat design is of simple nature, typography plays an important role.

The typeface design should match the overall design scheme. The type must be bold and worded clearly and efficiently so that to have the final product a consistent tone visually and textually.

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Most of the designers prefer simple sans serif type family with substantial variations and weights for the primary typography on a site through flat designs.


#Focus On Color

Color is what builds a flat pattern designs. These color palettes are often brighter and more colorful than one employed in other design forms.


In such design projects, colors often contain too many hues. While various other design patterns focus on two or three colors, flat design palettes make use of six to eight colors equally.


The hues looks more vibrant. Primary and secondary colors are employed in different design forms. Additionally, certain types of colors are also used frequently blue, green and retro colors.


#Follow Minimalist Approach

Flat design works well with minimalist design approach. It is advisable to avoid using too many bells and whistles in the overall design. Go behind using simple colors and little text may be enough. If you like to add visuals, make use of simple photography.


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Flat Designs have been in vogue for a long period. They have seen numerous applications in website and mobile application design. iOS app often employ flat design schemes to boost the UI of their design. Additionally, it has been widely used for desktop apps design as well.

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