Stop Using Free Fonts If You Care For Your Brand

Saurabh Tiwary | 16th August 2016

A number of people can be seen looking for “free fonts” on the internet for their web design applications. This is one of the easiest ways one can indulge themselves for using fonts for their websites. As most of the fonts that are being sold are no less than 50$, it can be concluded why most of the people go behind finding free fonts.

Free Fonts

Whenever you try to find fonts that are free, it is likely that you will be presented with a large number of search results in your search engine with so many alternatives to choose from. However, there are some implications to be aware of which might cripple your brand.

  1. You are downloading a free malware instead of a free font

Most of the websites that offer free fonts usually contain a lot of ads. Most of these websites can have links that may look like the actual link of the font download. Such ads can redirect you to the spammy websites or even automatically download software programs to your machine that can have a major risk for identity theft. Such files have the font file that are corrupt and could also be considered a major threat to the stability of entire system.

  1. The free fonts is good for  personal uses, not for the commercial use

When you try to find out a legitimate font which is available for free download, they are usually packaged with some license agreement. This text document states that the font is available only for the free use but not for commercial use. However, most of the users do not care of reading it at all and tick the box accepting the terms and conditions. As an alternative,

  1. The free font often lacks some attributes of the actual font

To the new users, the bootleg version of a popular font may look fascinating. However, such bootleg fonts lack the precise letterforms that the type designer has carefully crafted. Most of the Fragmented letters and roughened curves are common implications to the bootleg free fonts which can be a concern at large sizes. Moreover, you are likely to miss special letters and symbols which might result in your font being useless.

  1. Copyright infringement may put brand at risk

Infringement of copyright policies can pose serious legal troubles costing you thousands of dollars. Whenever a company selects a font family to represent their brand, they need to pay for it. Purchasing a proper font license ensures you possess the up-to-date and well-crafted font possible. The investment made in a properly licensed font that a brand looks at its best and avoid any expenses for pirated use.

Let us quickly look at some of the major advantages of purchased fonts:-

  • They are meticulously designed and thoroughly tested
  • They possess all the necessary symbols and characters
  • They are properly built to support latest software programs
  • Technical support is provided
  • Peace of mind, that your brand has a distinct font for its branding

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