Front-End Development to be Highly Influenced by Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 30th November 2016

The web design and development process goes hand in hand. While the developers set up the foundations for a functional web app, designers impart appealing look and feel to the design. The credit goes to the front-end development experts for designing UI and determining how everything will look perfect to the users. However, the programmers play a leading role in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the design.

Fron-end development

The Front-end Development has Evolved Significantly

The current era of front-end development is drawing up and touching new heights every day. Experts designers and developers introduce creative ways to get an optimum advantage of what they are working on. A large number of web development companies are either joining hands with the design pundits or have started to offer all in one design and development services and vice versa.

Front-end design is no exception. These are the crucial elements in any sort of design. However, we are gradually moving towards a phase where front-end design is likely to dominate the development phase. Let’s explore how?

The Challenges to the Development Phase have Substantially Declined

Over the past few years, developing a software product has been easier than before and the cost has decreased exponentially. The availability of web development tools has helped web developers execute their codes with an ease.

The cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services and development tools like GitHub and open-source framework and bespoke back-end services have emerged that allow rapid software product development at a fraction of the cost than it was a few years ago. An adept developer with substantial knowledge of design can easily develop an app by spending a few hundred dollars.

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The Front-end Design and Development are Converging

Although the challenges to the product development have reduced, challenges to the user-friendly product creation remains a huge challenge. It still requires that deep understanding of the user base and a distinct vision to achieve the design goals and drive the user experience to the top.

Iterative product design has been the major objective over the past several years.

There is a significant difference between coding through the foundational technologies and the one involved in the front-end development process.

The newly emerged tools are likely to ease the techniques of working, providing the room that enables product design teams to collaborate. The  tools mentioned above support numerous core aspects of the modern product design workflow. Overall, everything has been faster and sequential to design something that can be tested, experienced, and validated before putting in through codes.

So, How will it have Impact on the Front-End Design

  • Team Will Be More Diverse- There won’t be the need to have both the designers and front-end developers in the team and this will allow teams to work independently.
  • Real-time Iteration Will Evolve- Teams will witness continuous design improvement viz. Wireframing, prototyping and adding new features rapidly.
  • Enhanced Business Growth- Product development will effectively help boost the business results.

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