Getting Friendly With Typeface Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 22nd April 2016

Typefaces appear as a significant element when it comes to designing a website that looks ornamental. Playing with the font in android apps design can uncover some creative graphical works and perhaps your app  would share an appealing impression. Modern typefaces include a set of fonts with similar glyphs, meaning  an elemental symbol within an agreed set of symbols. This art and craft of Typeface Design are referred to as type design.

Typeface Design

 Modern Type Design Approaches

Most of the designers tend to develop their own typefaces but to be very frank most of them fail to address the goal of their type design and the type that they specify does not fit the standard. Having known the prerequisites of any design is very crucial. In android apps design, there are a number of factors that contribute to a distinct typeface design.


Know The Right Marking Tools

Many of the designers  prefer to use a mix of mark-making tools and few of them make use of marker pens or fiber-tipped fine-line pens and some others draw with soft pencils. The advantage of having diverse marking tools in use is that they all generate distinct type designs.


Importance Of Type Visualization

The first step towards type design is its visualization on a piece of paper.  Exploring the  design system to deal with unpredicted scenario simplifies the design systems and relationships to other aspects of the project. However, sequencing different aspects of visualization do not follow any specific rule.


Implementing The Final Type Design

Challenges persist when it comes to placing the entire design on the table for the end result. Transforming the transition from a tiny paper visuals to web or print design can often be difficult and so deciding the polished design demands your logic and design practices. Scanning carefully the photographs of the visuals and dropping them into the background of a digital file to be used as a template for the final artwork is a convenient approach. After the rendering process, the template can successfully be removed.


Why To Draw Typefaces

Just like a UI designer wireframes his design before approaching to work on the design part, same follows in type design. Getting ideas and having a blueprint of what the output design is supposed to be, is a positive move in type design.  This reduces the chances of design drawback and adds to the convenience of the designer.

Typography is a creative art of graphic designing that requires designing specializations. Oodles Studio is one of the leading web design companies with an intelligent designing team having exceptional skills to provide our clients with outstanding designs.

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