Glowing Text Effect For Christmas

Shubham Pachauri | 29th December 2017

When it comes to Christmas, it is the biggest event for a graphic designer and web designers. We all engaged in making graphics for this event especially if you are from the E-commerce field.

text effect

And one of the most trending thing in this period is Neon glowing effects in the text. This text effect is most common in Christmas and new year related Posts, Banner Advertising, and e-commerce related graphic content as it represents joy and happiness. Here we will be discussing how we can create such effect in some easy steps.

  • Start selecting font

    selecting the font is first and most important part of Creating Such kind of glowing effect because need a font Which is sleek in look and rounded in corners otherwise glowing effect will not look good if you use some strong and heavy text. As you see the neon light are cylindrical in shape most of the type. My choice for this type of effect is Stellar or gravity font. You may find the different better font for your work.  

  • Pick right colors and background:

    Choosing right background and color is also very important part Glowing effect will not look cool if you missed the right color combination. For background, you should always use dark colors as they highlight your text part and for text, I prefer these colors #e82222, #8cef5b and #6ac5ff.

  • Combination of Blending Option:

    For creating neon and glowing effect you need to add Multiple Blending Option of text with different effects :

  • Add glow:

    To perform this you need to apply a glowing effect on text, to do this  Double right click on your layer to open blending layer options select outer glow and make these Setting: Opacity 50%, Spread  5% and the size of 63 Pixels.

  • Add Bevel and Emboss:

    Now from same blending Option Menu Choose bevel and emboss and Make these setting  Depth 100 %, Size 5 Px and Soften 2 Px. Now your text will start to look like neon light.

  • Glowing layer:

    Now make a duplicate of your text remove all layer effect, this layer will behind your base text layer now Apply Gaussian blur on this layer with 4 points. To make your alphabet glossy in feel as same as original neon light tubes look like.

  • Detailing:

    Until this point in time, your text will start looking like neon lights but now you need to add some more details. First, add some inner glow with bright color and also add some drop shadow but not too much.

If you are following all step correctly then your text should have neon effect till now you can also add some more details by adding some icons with same neon effect depends on your requirement.

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