What is a good Typography for your Design?

Saurabh Tiwary | 9th December 2016

Typography is all about the effective use of the font and its variations in your design applications. It is one of the several crucial components of any design that helps boost the User Experience. Readability is one of the major goals of every website and mobile design. A poor selection of Typography can highly affect the user experience of the design. And for the reason, good typography with creative use of 

What is a Good Typography?

A Good typography design conveys the mean­ing of the text.

In general, every type of text com­mu­ni­cates specific meaning. Depending on the type of message to be conveyed, typography design varies. The text of request or a warning message, typography matters everywhere. Here, we shall discuss some of the major factors that determine how good is your Typography.

Good typography is one that communicates the mean­ing of the text. It is not determined by any ab­stract unit. A Ty­po­graphy which is suitable for an application might not be the best choice for other.

For any Typography design, there can be several options. There is no mathematical formula to calculate the usefulness of the Typography. What works well is the best one. Perform some experiment to test some of the best possible options.

You can come up with a well-crafted typography if you understand the goals of your text, but not considering your taste or visual training.

Few key aspects in designing a beautiful Typography


All typefaces are created differently. While some of them might look fat and wide, others might be thin and narrow. The words specified in different typefaces may take up a very different amount of space on the page.


In typography, leading is the vertical space between each line of the type. To create a legible body text that can easily be read, the leading value must be greater than the font size. On a precise note, somewhere from 1.25 to 1.5 times.


The term ‘measure’ describes the width of any text block. If you aim to achieve the optimum reading experience, it is one of the important considerations.

Kerning and Tracking

Kerning means the act of creating a balance between the space and characters to create a harmonious pairing. While Kerning is similar, but not the same as ‘tracking’. This is generally related to the spacing of all characters and is applied evenly.

Hierarchy and Scale

All the types cannot be of the same size as it would be difficult to figure out what is the most important information on the page. In order to guide the reader, headings are usually crafted quite large, sub-headings are comparatively smaller, and the body section is smaller still.

However, size alone not the way to define a hierarchy, the hierarchy can also be attained with color, spacing, and weight.

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    milad gharooni says:
    December 14, 2016 at 6:50 am

    Can you explain more this?
    Kerning and Tracking

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