Good User Experience Design creates apt Artificial Intelligence

Ankur Kushwaha | 1st August 2019

AI has entered our world and question is “how is it going to make our life easier and better for good”.  AI is just an intelligent machine and it will not lead to smarter solutions for the users unless guided by smart User experience.

AI needs to understand how a human thinks, feel and do things. A human being is an irrational being with wide behaviors and moods.

It is important that the User Experience Designer and Artificial Intelligence expert have some tuned up language for both to stick to the same goal.

It is very common that both experts are not aware of each other methods and tools, which makes it tough for them to understand that what can they achieve by combining their skills.

User Experience Designer and Artificial Intelligence expert need to work on common ground and should have some sort of blueprint to accomplish it. Nowadays so many companies looking for artificial intelligence based Ui Ux design services around the globe.


Collecting Data

To achieve artificial intelligence, the collection of human inputs and data is crucial. We need to develop experiences that encourage commitment that will enhance AI. This sometimes means prioritizing AI over users, putting more effort into teaching the AI to users.

It is a Designer who helps in a making sense of things for AI from the inputs of a User and implies output associated. You can say AI defines “What’s” whereas the designer defines Why’s for the User.


Create a User-Centered Value

It is important to focus on User-Centered Design for the benefit of the User from the beginning to figure out what AI need to learn. Engaging user with value is important as it will lead towards valuable feedback which is important to gain, coz data gained based on this will give help to create smart AI and relevancy will also be high. It is important to prevent any dead-end and provide user value to keep them going.


Grow later, Focus First

Creating user value builds trust and at the same time increases user engagement among User and AI. It is very important to create a clear and happy path for User so that he/she can achieve prime experience without any hurdles. Once the prime experience is well defined, focus on other experiences that will increase the value.

Next step is to identify how the AI will utilize on those experiences.

For instance, eBay ShopBot learns about shopping habits, inventory, styles, and all about shopping. However, it still requires to know about the globe, the climate, current events, trends, and how all of them influence decision making. With this additional data, we can design a more thoughtful AI that will enhance the shopping experience of the customers.



As of now, humans and machines have a command and response relationship. But what if AI can speak the same language that we speak figuratively? It would be great if AI can make requests and us as a human could respond.

It will be so natural to have an AI to speak like us in the same voice tone, having its own personality based on different cultural references. It would be amazing if AI can show empathy and acknowledge when it should.

If you will observe, there are not many AI which response with Sorry, as it is important to keep positive personality and offer more steps in the form of desired alternatives in case the acknowledgment doesn’t go as the user expected.



It is equivocal to design for AI and fascinating too. Soon the Design thinking will also start influencing Product thinking. To collect data, we’ll need to be all right with releasing experiences early, even if we don’t think it’s prepared. We’re going to let go and embrace the user experience becoming the smarter the AI becomes unpredictable.


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