A Comprehensive List Of Designing Tools You Must Use

Kritika Jain | 9th March 2018

The design is the execution of your thoughts. In any form of design, creativity is the key that comes from your brain and you shape it using a pen or paper or using a design tool in a much-sophisticated manner.

So let us quickly look at some of the design tools that you use them as per your needs.

Being only available for Apple Mac users, Sketch is one of the finest design tools out there. As compared to Photoshop, Sketch helps you to sort all the documents that you have. Moreover, it is significantly easier to make revisions in Sketch and the size of the document is smaller than Photoshop. Being a vector-based UI tool, it achieves smaller document size.

Apart from this, it has built-in grid system which is perfect for UI tasks and the interface is easier to use.

Adobe XD

XD comes with drawing tools that allow you to define non-static interactions. Apart from creating mobile and desktop previews, it can also be used as a sharing tool for providing feedback on the design. It is also ideal for creating device-specific artboard size for initializing a project and you can import UI kit like the material UI design kit.


Zeplin can prove to be one of the great assets of the designer. It discards the platform based software uses and makes communication easier between a designer and a developer. It does not matter what platform you are using to create and share the mockups. Zeplin can help you preview mockups on any device regardless of its platform.

Affinity Designer

Talking about the design, the UI feels very much familiar with this tool. If you switch from Photoshop, it might look tedious, to begin with, a new kind of application. However, Affinity has successfully achieved the minimalism and tried to make the user feel as if they are using some minimalist version of Photoshop keeping away any sort of distractions.

Overall, it might give a tough fight to tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch.


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