Guidelines to improve your UI Animation

Shikha Bisht | 26th December 2019

What is the purpose of “Improved UI Animation?

It can be defined as the implementation of motion to enhance the overall presentation and interactivity of a product.The UI Animations are not only attractive but also have the capability to solve various problems.The main purpose for UI animation is to absorb the attention of a user. Let the user know about the change or transition, and to indicate a relationship between two different objects or forms.

There are some guidelines to improve UI Animation:

 Make the content in the tab slide.

The content on the left, fades in and out. The one on the right slides with the tabs.Make the design an interaction like a tab or a fly-out menu. Try putting the position of the content relative to the action that open it. This is a great way you can animate not only the clarity of the content but the position too. 

Connect the shared elements of a card.

The content on the left opens a new screen that slides up. The card on the right expands and fills the screen.While animating between different states, see if there are any shared elements between them and connect them. 

Use a cascading effect on your content.

UI animation quickly alternates the presence of each group of an element. To accomplish the cascading effect to each group of content keep the same easing and duration, so it feels persistent. Make the content offensive other elements far away.It shows elements affecting their surroundings when they change. Make the elements in your content-aware of their enclosing. This means making the content attract the elements around it. 

Make menus appear in context.

The menu on the left flies in from below. The menu on the right expands from the action that created it. Animated menus appear from the action that created them, growing from the point of touch.

Use buttons to show different states.

It displays the events next to the button. It provides visual feedback of a status. The button on the left shows text indicating states and right uses the container to show different events.

Bring attention to something important.

The excellent design uses animation to bring attention to that important action, without being disturbed. Use color, size, and position to highlight an important action the user needs to notice. While the user needs to act on something important, try animating the actions to attract their attention. Start with subtle animation and increase the intensity (change of size, color, and speed) concerning how important the action is. 


While adding animation to your interactions, these examples help you to make a better decision. These animation to make changes in states, draw attention to necessary actions. These guidelines help the determined relationship between elements and a little bit of fun and characters of our product. By following these principles, we will transform our animations from good to excellent.


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Shikha Bisht

I am a UX/UI Designer with 1.3 years of experience. I have done a Master of Computer Application. I have identified and resolved flaws, and focused on conducting user research and analysis, and proposed new ideas on how the user experience could be improved. My Hobbies are Travelling and Listening to Music.

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