How and why should we redesign our website?

Neha Gupta | 29th March 2019

Your site is a source for leads and income and on the off chance that it isn’t, it may be a great opportunity to take a nearby, see how it’s performing. Your prospects visit your site to choose whether to purchase from you and in the event that they aren’t fulfilled, they will leave and rapidly forget about it. If they get a good experience they would stay and explore.

The first thing we should do is to gather current user data. We need to plan the project according to the user’s primary need and focus. Then create prototypes and then followed by user testing, which is the best way to check if the created architecture works for the user looking for.

Reasons for a website redesign

  • To communicate brand value in a better way      

How you convey your image to the majority can affect your viability and decide whether a client perceives your corporate message.                             

  • To improve the website experience for users

Quickly changing digital patterns can make your site feel old and obsolete.

  • To improve the website flexibility for the marketing team

Expanded adaptability prompts novel ways to deal with targeted market

  • To improve the performance of the website

A quick site accompanies a few give up. You will need to choose rapidly about what comprises the center of your client experience, and after that dispose of the considerable number of “additional items” that don’t upgrade that essential experience.

  • To increase the volume of leads generated

You can invest months concentrating on multiplying traffic to your site, yet in the event that you don’t have convincing offers, call to take action, and persuading lead sustaining efforts, you won’t have an approach to transform that traffic into leads and eventually benefits.

  • To facilitate integrations with external software

Improved data capturing tools.

Relating to one of the situations above shouldn’t make you go into frenzy mode and plunge into the full redesign. Understanding the ‘why’ and planning the project while keeping user experience and function front of mind is what works.

Your site is intended to bring you business. On the off chance that it’s not doing that, it’s a great opportunity to decide why not and roll out important improvements.

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Neha Gupta

Neha is an experienced UI/UX Designer. Also have hands-on Branding, both digital and printed. Worked on different projects including design of cryptocurrency exchange, mobile app, wireframes, and improved UX.

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