How To Design A Flowchart

Shalini Tyagi | 29th June 2018

In spite of their organized format, numerous flowcharts wind up messy, disorganized. It doesn’t need to be that way!
There are essential do’s and don’t while making a flowchart and we cover everything in Lucidchart.


If you want to avoid searing color combinations and confusing paths, take after these plan tips:


It’s standard to peruse flowcharts by following the arrowed lines from venture to step. Ensure that each shape is associated with another, and the spill out of the venture to step takes after a coherent way. Keep in mind that flowcharts are commonly attracted from top to bottom or left to right. You can switch this up for configuration purposes, in any case, it might confuse your gathering of people.

Lines and arrows

Try not to utilize a restricted line width to draw lines and layout shapes. A thicker line is less demanding to peruse on a screen and from the back of the room. Be steady and saving with your decision of line widths and arrow types. When in doubt, utilize close to 2 line widths all through your flowchart and close to 1 arrow type.


Endeavor to utilize 3 or fewer color in a solitary flowchart. This count incorporates content, line, background, and shape color.
Essential colors function admirably for flowcharts. Have a go at utilizing 3 corresponding color in case you don’t know which tone looks best.
To keep your chart looking perfect and present day, you might need to utilize a solitary bound together color for lines and shapes. This tip works best for basic flowcharts.
On the off chance that you’ll be giving your flowchart with a projector, avoid using gradients, shadows and transparencies—they might not appear.

Make a shape bigger to include accentuation. Shapes can likewise be deliberately put above littler steps to accomplish a similar impact.
If possible, adjust your shapes and lines. An adjusted outline looks better and is less demanding to peruse.

Pick one font style family for every flowchart. Striking and emphasized content doesn’t generally include enough accentuation; take a stab at changing shape measure. Custom text styles can include an uncommon touch, yet ensure they’re anything but difficult to peruse. We prescribe sans serif textual styles for advanced review and serif for print.

Place your content on a level plane at whatever point conceivable.

Help us cancel terrible flowcharts! Lucidchart’s flowchart maker makes it simple to adjust objects, apply appealing color topics, and general class up your charts.

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